Our Board

William Right (Executive Director)

Bavani Subramanian (Associate Director)

Duane Grady (Chief Operating Officer)

Angie Right (WebMaster)


Past Activities:


William writes Libretto (script and lyrics) for Musical "Black and White" while at his final year at High School at Northview Heights Secondary School.


Entered 2016 Perth Bicentennial Settlement Song writing Competition – Wrote “The Duel” Aug 30 2015.  Music and Lyrics by William Right.


September 05 2016 composed “Going Home.”  Tribute Song to Corporal James William Ogilvie.  Music and Lyrics by William Right.

November 06 2016 Debuted “Going Home” at Governor General’s Horse Guards Memorial Dinner.

Saturday November 07 2016 recorded “Going Home” music video with Mark Powney.


January 09 2017 wrote “I Need You.”  Music and Lyrics by William Right.

December 02 2017 – “Going Home” Recording Session at Metalworks Studio.

Dec 03 2017 CBC TV News Segment of Metalworks recording session.


January 19 – CD Launch Concert Branch 1/42 Royal Canadian Legion – Paris Black

May 05 – 713 Thunderbolt Squadron performed Going Home in the Ontario Regional Band Competition

June 02 – Delray “Brothers in Arms Band” opened for Paris Black Band

June 29 – Linsmore “Brothers in Arms Band” opened for Paris Black Band

September 07 – “Brothers in Arms Band” performance and Interview on Hugh Reilley’s Liquid Lunch Show.  Selling “Going Home” CDs and Album Prints at the “Serve and Savour” Event hosted by York Regional Police for proceeds going to Wounded Warriors Canada.

August 15 – Wrote “Saturday Night” Music and Lyrics by William Right.

September 08 – Firkin Pub 1075 Bay Street - “Brothers in Arms Band” opens for Paris Black Band.

September 19 – Toronto Military Family Resource Centre Annual General Meeting Cheque Presentation.

September 29 – “Brothers in Arms Band” opening for Keep the Faith Band.

October 19 – “Brothers in Arms Band” opened for Keep the Faith Boston Manor.

Nov 11 – 713 Air Cadet Squadron performed Going Home at Stoney Creek Cenotaph Remembrance Day.

Nov 18 – School Sisters of Notre Dame Convent Performance in Waterdown – “Brothers in Arms Band” performs with 713 Thunderbolt Brass and Reed Band.

December 16 – “God’s Wonderland” recording – Frank Lukas house.


January 02 – Final recording session for God’s Wonderland.

January 18 – God’s Wonderland Launch on Hugh Reilley’s Liquid Lunch Show.  Performance with Paris Black and Olivier Laquerre on Vocals, and William Right on Keyboard, with interview following.

April 23 – Decided to create a Not for Profit Organization around the music I do.

May 05 (07) Black and White Music Productions Not for Profit Organization created.  Bavani Subramanian and Duane Grady placed as Directors.

August 10 – Linsmore performance “Brothers in Arms Band” songs and “God’s Wonderland.”  Performing Keyboard with Paris Black Band.

September 06 – Drove to Livonia Michigan to deliver prints to Jim and Donna Hirschfeld

September 23 – William Right interviewed at the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre, “Brothers in Arms Band” performs songs by William Right.  Paris Black, Olivier Laquerre, and Mark Powney perform “God’s Wonderland.”  Cheque and “Going Home” front and back cover artwork presented to the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre.


November 17 to December 8 - MBC Radio Network, Saskatchewan’s Indigenous Radio Network “Saturday Night” plays in 2020 on the radio station: 


January 30 to February 18 - MBC Radio Network, Interview with William Right. The song was played on the radio station 11 times during these dates.

May 27 - Wisdom for Wellness Podcast with "Saturday Night" being played. Kingston Military Family Resource Centre Podcast.


January 28 - Release of Seventy Years.

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